CGS Hawk Arrow II

The Hawk Arrow II is the two-seater version of Arrow Ultralight SLSA, ELSA & AULA class.

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Arrow II Two-Seater Ultralight

The Hawk Arrow II is our two-seater offered in kit form, to be built as an Amateur-Built Experimental  or ELSA  aircraft in the U.S. or AULA in Canada and the rest of the World. The long streamlined cockpit area has a flat floor, and a low sloping windshield that gives unobstructed forward visibility. The large vertical tail balances the long nose, which yields excellent yaw stability. The Arrow II wing has a semi-symmetrical airfoil, and streamlined extruded aluminum wing struts. All Hawks incorporate a curved front spar carry-through, allowing for ample head room, even for taller pilots.

The rear seat is higher than the front seat, so the field of vision of the passenger or instructor in the rear seat is less obstructed.  Flaps (not flaperons!) are standard equipment on all Hawks, and are very effective in increasing climb rate and decreasing landing distance. At the heart of the Hawk's unique design is its curved boom tube. The curved boom allows the horizontal stabilizer to be placed above the down-wash of the wing, especially when flaps are deployed. Another benefit of the curve is short landing gear legs, which makes it easier to get in and out of your plane. The curved boom is stronger in torsion than a straight boom, and allows the airplane to rotate for takeoffs and landings without banging the tail on the ground.

The Arrow II incorporates tandem seating rather than side by side. Advantages of tandem over side-by-side include:

Specifications - Hawk Arrow II

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AMATEUR (Combine with Packages Below) - Call

ELSA (IN U.S.) - Call

AULA - Call

*All domestic kits shipped via truck line are subject to a crating charge per kit. Orders which are picked up at the factory are not subject to the crating charge

**ELSA, AULA includes wingtanks, elevator trim,folding tail. ROTAX 582 WITH AEROLUX 3 BLADE PROP BASIC INSTRUMENTS

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Covering Package & Colors

Includes your choice of either 3.8 oz. stabilized dacron covers or dope and fabric kit.  Dacron covers include all control surfaces which are pre sewn and ready to install, zipper doors, and full fuselage enclosure. Dope and fabric kit includes ribs, stringers, hard doors, fabric, and glue - everything but paint).

Covering Package for Two Place Arrow  (INCLUDED IN ELSA AULA)

**There is no extra charge for ordering Dacron covers with solid colors. You can mix the solid colors as much as you like. (i.e. red wings, yellow ailerons, yellow flaps, black fuselage, etc.). Stripes and special logos are optional, and a layout diagram needs to be submitted for a quote.  Color samples and layout diagrams are available upon request.

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Engine Packages*- Hawk Arrow II

* Engine package prices offered below are for combining with the above kit and covering packages only

** Due to the varying rate of the Euro against the US Dollar, all engine packages will be priced at the time written order is received. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

Rotax 582 (65 h.p.) Engine Package:

Includes engine, radiator package, IVO three blade prop, electric start, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware and brackets.

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Additional Options:

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Parachute Options for single Place Models

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Special Options

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Arrow II SLSA and ELSA Ready to Fly

The Hawk Arrow II SLSA is our factory-built model, based on our proven popular CGS Hawk Arrow II. Since 1992 the Arrow II has been used for two place training and recreational flying. Now, with the Light Sport Aircraft rules in the U.S., our SLSA is a legal, economical option for flight training or fun flying. For more details on the flying characteristics of the plane, see our Arrow II page.

Our Hawk Arrow II ELSA is the same airplane as the SLSA, except certified as an experimental aircraft. What this means is, while the aircraft cannot currently be used for compensation or hire (flight training), it can be delivered in any state of completion, from a full kit to a ready-to-fly craft. You can perform all your own maintenance, and you can also take a 16 hour class, and be certificated as a Light Sport Repairman with an Inspection rating. With this rating you can perform the condition inspections (annuals) yourself. If you'd like a new Hawk for recreational flying, but aren't interested in building a full kit - and aren't interested in paying someone else to perform the maintenance and annuals on your plane, this may be the Hawk for you.

As a point of comparison, our standard Hawk Arrow II is sold as an Experimental Amateur-Built kit. You are required to build at least 51% of the kit for your own recreation or education. After the plane has received its airworthiness certificate, you can do all the maintenance on the plane - and as the builder, you can be issued a maintenance certificate by FAA, which allows you to do the annual condition inspections yourself.

Standard Equipment:

Standard Instruments

Electronic instrument packages from MGL Avionics are also available. Other engine options, including the HKS 700E and 700T and the Rotax 912, are also available. Call for more information.

Hawk Arrow II SLSA Price........Call

Hawk Arrow II ELSA Price........Varies depending on state of completion - Call us for a quote.

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