Hawk Arrow II


Empty Weight

550 lbs

204 kg

Gross Weight

1100 lbs


Wing Span

31' 6"'

9.6 m

Wing Area

147 sq. ft

13.6 m2

Engine Size

65 hp


Rate of Climb

600-1200 fpm

3-5.6 m/s

Cruise Speed

55-80 mph

48-70 kts

Stall Speed

35-40 mph

30-35 kts


110 mph

95.58 kts

Assembly Time

For first time builder

300 hrs

The Hawk Arrow II is our two-seater offered in kit form, to be built as an Amateur-Built Experimental  or ELSA  aircraft in the U.S. or AULA in Canada and the rest of the World. The long streamlined cockpit area has a flat floor, and a low sloping windshield that gives unobstructed forward visibility. The large vertical tail balances the long nose, which yields excellent yaw stability. The Arrow II wing has a semi-symmetrical airfoil, and streamlined extruded aluminum wing struts. All Hawks incorporate a curved front spar carry-through, allowing for ample head room, even for taller pilots.

The rear seat is higher than the front seat, so the field of vision of the passenger or instructor in the rear seat is less obstructed.  Flaps (not flaperons!) are standard equipment on all Hawks, and are very effective in increasing climb rate and decreasing landing distance. At the heart of the Hawk's unique design is its curved boom tube. The curved boom allows the horizontal stabilizer to be placed above the down-wash of the wing, especially when flaps are deployed. Another benefit of the curve is short landing gear legs, which makes it easier to get in and out of your plane. The curved boom is stronger in torsion than a straight boom, and allows the airplane to rotate for takeoffs and landings without banging the tail on the ground.

The Arrow II incorporates tandem seating rather than side by side. Advantages of tandem over side-by-side include:
  • Shoulder room is ample, even for big folks.
  • The front seat pilot sits in front of the wing, so there’s no wing blocking the view in turns.
  • Turns to the left or right are equally comfortable because you don't have to look across a seat.
  • The narrower fuselage allows better inflow to the pusher propeller, and much less drag.
  • Since the rear-seat passenger sits on the center of gravity, it makes little difference if you have a passenger or not - the center of gravity changes very little.
  • In a training situation, the student’s sight picture doesn’t change when the instructor gets out. Everything looks and feels the same as when the instructor was in the plane with him, except for higher performance. This keeps stress levels down when he’s finally flying solo.

Base Kit Includes as Standard Equipment:

  • Airframe with curved windshield, sharper slope of nose for improved visibility
  • 3-Position Wing Flaps (not flaperons)
  • Dual 3-Axis Control
  • Full fuselage pilot surround (roll cage)
  • Strengthened tail boom, and streamlined wing struts
  • Heavy duty wings with 3” dia. leading edge and 2” dia. trailing edge
  • Shoulder Harnesses and seat belts
  • Larger vertical stabilizer and rudder
  • Heavy duty wings (FACTORY PRE BUILT)
  • Curved overhead carry through increases head room by 3”
  • All control surfaces (FACTORY PRE BUILT) (flaps, ailerons, rudder, vertical stab, horizontal stab, & elevator)
  • Heavy duty fiberglass landing gear legs
  • Your choice – tail dragger with steerable tail wheel or tricycle/steerable nosewheel
  • Rough terrain wheels - 16" x 6.5" x 6"
  • Streamlined Struts - aluminum
  • Streamlined landing gear fairings
  • 10 US gallon (37.9 liter / 8.3 imp. gal) fuel tank (wing tanks and header tank standard in ELSA AULA)                
  • Anodized Tubing  

Base Hawk Arrow II Kit

(For combining with covering package and engine packages listed below)         AMATEUR $14,500.00
ELSA, AULA includes wingtanks, elevator trim,folding tail.                               ELSA (IN U.S.)$35,000.00

Covering Package


Includes your choice of either 3.8 oz. stabilized dacron covers or dope and fabric kit.  Dacron covers include all control surfaces which are pre-sewn and ready to install, zipper doors, and full fuselage enclosure. Dope and fabric kit includes ribs, stringers, hard doors, fabric, and glue - everything but paint). Click here to see Dacron cloth colors and layout.

Covering Package for Two Place Arrow  (INCLUDED IN ELSA AULA)                               $3,331.00

Engine Packages
Due to constant cost fluctuations, all engine packages will be priced at the time a written order is received. Please contact us for a quote prior to placing your order.

Rotax 582 Package (65 HP)

Includes engine, gearbox, radiator package,Aerolux three blade prop, electric start, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware and brackets.Call for quote on Amateur kit. Included in ELSA AULA


Special Options
Fast-build kit, requires only 150 hours to complete (for first time builder) $4,500.00
For a Ready-to-fly Two Place please see our Hawk SLSA and ELSA
Special crating for fast-build kit market
Amphibious and standard Float Systems available.  Call for details
Wing tank kit, 10 US gal total (5 gal per side) (37.9 liter / 8.3 imp. gal total).
Includes 2 tanks, hoses, fittings, sump tank, mounting brackets, straps, etc.
Wheel pants (pants only), Set of 3 $395.00
Wheel pants (pants only), Set of 2 $295.00
Wheel pants mounting kit  $50.00
Fiberglass Nose Cone-adds 3-4 mph to top speed, provides streamlined appearance INCLUDED IN ELSA AULA $250.00

All domestic kits shipped via truck line are subject to a crating charge per kit. Orders which are picked up at the factory are not subject to the crating charge.

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