Hawk Plus


Empty Weight

350 lbs

Gross Weight

800 lbs

Wing Span


Wing Area

135 sq. ft

Engine Size

40-65 hp

Rate of Climb

800-1100 fpm

Cruise Speed

60-80 mph

Stall Speed

35-40 mph


100 mph

Assembly Time

For first time builder

250 hrs

CGS Hawk Plus Single Seat

The Hawk Plus is a single seater based on the two seat Hawk Arrow. While the single seat Hawk Classic and Arrow models have large baggage areas behind the seat, it can be difficult to place large bulky items back there.  The Plus was designed to accommodate the requests of customers needing a larger cargo capacity.  The Hawk Plus uses the same fuselage at the two seat Arrow, but with only the front seat. Wing tanks are standard on the Plus, so the rear area is completely unobstructed for hauling cargo, additional fuel tanks, or a passenger in a jump seat. We have put four large filled duffle bags on board and still had room for the small stuff. With the larger engine options offered, up to 250 lbs. can be carried in the rear baggage area.

Another feature of the Hawk Plus is the wing spars, which are stronger than those found on standard single seat models.  They are 2 1/4" dia. X .083 (instead of .049) wall thickness to provide the same load factors as the single place models. The Hawk Plus also has the semi symmetrical wing, streamline struts, reinforced boom, wing tanks, fiberglass nose cone, folding tail, and curved overhead and windshield as standard equipment.



            3 Position Wing Flaps (not flaperons)

            Reinforced boom tube

            Full fuselage pilot surround (roll cage)

            Heavy duty wing frames, 2 ¼” front spar, 1 ¾” rear spar (factory pre-built)

            Seat belt with shoulder harness

All control surfaces (factory pre-built) (flaps, ailerons, rudder, vertical stab,

horizontal stab, & elevator)

            Heavy duty fiberglass landing gear legs

            Your choice – tail dragger with steerable tail wheel or tricycle/steerable nosewheel

            Large rear doors to accommodate bulky items transported in cargo area           

Streamlined struts – aluminum

Streamlined landing gear fairings

Curved overhead carry through increases head room by 3”

Folding tail

Lower rib battens (for semi-symmetrical wing)

Fiberglass nose cone - adds 3-4 mph to top speed, provides streamlined appearance

Rough terrain wheels - 16" x 6.5" x 6"

            2 five gallon wing tanks

            Anodized tubing         

BASIC SINGLE PLACE HAWK PLUS KIT (For combining with covering package and engine packages listed below)              


Includes your choice of either 3.8 oz. stabilized dacron covers or dope and fabric kit.  Dacron covers include all control surfaces which are pre-sewn and ready to install, zipper doors, and full fuselage enclosure.  Dope and fabric kit includes ribs, stringers, hard doors, fabric, and glue - everything but paint).  Click here to see available Dacron cloth colors.  

Covering Package for Single Place Plus                                                                                                                                           $3,331.00


(Engine package prices offered below are for combining with the above kit and covering packages only).

Due to the varying rate of the Euro against the US Dollar, all engine packages will be priced at the time written order is received. Please call or email us for pricing and availability.

Rotax 447 (40 h.p.) Engine Package: Includes engine, IVO two blade prop, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware and brackets

Rotax 503 (50 h.p.) Dual Carb Engine Package: Includes engine, IVO two blade prop, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware and brackets

Rotax 582 (65 h.p.) Engine Package: Includes engine, radiator package, IVO three blade prop, electric start, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware and brackets. 

HKS 700E 4 Stroke (65 h.p.) Engine Package: Includes engine, electric start, IVO three blade prop, throttle assembly, motor mounts, muffler mounts, miscellaneous hardware, and brackets. 

Trim Tab (in cockpit adjustable) $115.00

Brakes, mechanical


Brakes, hydraulic O’Brien w/stick mounted master cylinder


Brakes, hydraulic Hager w/stick mounted master cylinder, includes Hager wheels


Wing and Tail Folding option


 Folding Tail only $230.00

Hard Doors for Single Place (2 doors) applies only to Dacron orders


Dacron Covers/Options

There is no extra charge for ordering Dacron covers with solid colors. You can mix the solid colors as much as you like. (i.e. red wings, yellow ailerons, yellow flaps, black fuselage, etc.). Stripes and special logos are optional, and a layout diagram needs to be submitted for a quote.  Color samples and layout diagrams are available upon request.

Map case in doors for storing sectionals, etc. (per door – cloth door only) $   47.00
Tinted Lexan Windows $ 175.00
Wing Window Tinted $130.00

Parachute Systems for Single Place Models (Includes CGS Mounting Package)
BRS 600 (600 lbs.) Softpack Call
BRS 800 (800 lbs.) Softpack Call
BRS 1050 (1050 lbs.) Softpack Call
BRS 1050 (1050 lbs.) Canister Call
BRS 1050 (1050 lbs.) VLS Call
Freight for parachute systems Call

Special Options
Fast-build kit, requires only 150 hours to complete (for first time builder) $4,500.00
Special crating for fast-build kit market
Amphibious and standard Float Systems available.  Write for details

Wing tank kit, 10 gal total (5 gal per side) Includes 2 tanks, hoses, fittings,

sump tank, mounting brackets, straps, etc.

Wheel pants (pants only), Set of 3 $395.00
Wheel pants (pants only), Set of 2 $295.00
Wheel pants mounting kit  $  50.00

All domestic kits shipped via truck line are subject to a $600 crating charge per kit. Orders which are picked up at the factory are not subject to the crating charge.

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